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(As of November 23, 2020)

Christmas season is fast approaching while the country continues to battle the spread of coronavirus. More than 400,000 people have been infected as of this November. The Department of Health strongly advises against attending in-person gatherings and other kinds of celebrations which may increase the risk of COVID-19.
In other updates:

  • Dangers of parties and videoke nights
  • At least 60% of COVID-19-related deaths are adults aged 60 and up
  • Mass distribution of vaccines still have a long way to go
  • List of hospitals at full capacity for inpatient COVID-19 cases
  • ActiveLink app features focusing on COVID-19 updates and online health checklist
  • HMO and group life insurance coverage during community quarantine
  • More business establishments allowed to reopen in GCQ and MGCQ area

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