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What are the requirements in filing a Total and Permanent Disability claim?


When filing a total and permanent disability claim, please submit the following:

1.     Proof of Disability (Claimant’s Statement) 

2.     Proof of Disability (Attending Physician’s Statement) 

3.     Birth Certificate (Certified True Copy) or Any Proof of Age (Baptismal Certificate or Marriage Contract) 

4.     Insurance Claim Verification Form (to be completed by Claims Dept.) 

5.     Certified true Copy of Daily Time Record 

6.     Claimant may be requested to be examined by an accredited physician of Manulife 

7.     Photocopy of two (2) claimant’s valid/government issued ID (photo bearing with 3 specimen signatures) 


Note: 1) Additional documents may be required in view of certain information revealed during the review of the claim 2) Certified True Copies of documents should be submitted. 

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