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Benefits Made Better Features

ActiveLink’s Benefits Made Better platform has five (5) main sections:

  1. Welcome Page
  2. Healthcare Benefits Page
  3. Downloadable Forms
  4. A Slice of Orange
  5. Members Assistance

Welcome Page
The Welcome Page contains the following:

  1. Announcements - section gives the HR team a dedicated space for posting announcements, reminders, health-related articles, etc.
  2. Messages - section gives you a quick overview of comments or inquiries.
  3. Dependents Enrollment - section allows you to easily enroll your dependents to your healthcare plan.
  4. Settings - section allows members to change their account details. Options fall into three main categories:
  • Update Personal Information: for updating profile or contact details and viewing information about the member’s HMO enrollment
  • Change Login Password: for setting a new account password
  • Newsletter and Subscriptions: for subscribing to email updates on selected medical conditions or activating notifications for new issues of the “A Slice of Orange” newsletter


Healthcare Benefits
The Healthcare Benefits Tab gives members a convenient, comprehensive reference on HMO coverage and procedures. Its various subsections are designed to help members understand and make the most of their HMO plans.

Downloadable Forms
The Downloadable Forms Tab provides PDF files of important forms. These can range from PhilHealth information amendment forms to medical reimbursement forms, depending on your company’s policies. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or another PDF viewer to open and print the files.

A Slice of Orange
“A Slice of Orange” is a monthly newsletter that delivers basic health information and useful wellness tips. You can access new issues through this tab, or you can subscribe to have new issues sent straight to your email address.

You may also browse old issues by year or theme. All issues are offered as downloadable PDF files. These will require Adobe Acrobat Reader or another PDF viewer.


Members Assistance
The Members’ Assistance Tab gives you a convenient portal for sending inquiries and concerns. The contact form automatically fills in your registered details, and replies are emailed directly to you.

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