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New Dependents' Enrollment Process

The system works best with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari web browsers. The system is accessible outside the office.

Step 1: Log in at
Step 2: Click “Dependent’s Enrollment” tab, then select “Proceed to Dependents Enrollment” to start the enrollment process.
Step 3: Verify/update personal information. Remember to save any changes before moving to Step 4.
Step 4: Click “Select Family Structure” to identify the dependents you want to enroll. Important: When enrolling dependents, please observe the hierarchy of allowed dependents for your status. A full list of qualified dependents is available in the Dependent’s Module of your account.
Step 5: Fill out Dependent’s Form. Important: If you want to skip a dependent, you still need to provide their information, then click the reason for skipping.
Step 6: For final confirmation, verify your dependent/s’ details. Then click “I hereby certify that the above details are true and correct”.
Step 7: Click “View DECF and Data Privacy Consent Forms.” Read and download the Dependents Enrollment Confirmation Form. Confirm your acceptance through Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Enter the confirmation code that will be sent to your registered mobile number or email address to accept. Important: Completing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) automatically confirms your dependents’ endorsement to the HMO plan. Your dependents’ enrollment cannot be cancelled until the end of the policy year unless they meet removal criteria.
Step 8: Check your email for your transaction details and the list of documents to be uploaded.
Step 9: Go to “Required Documents” and upload supporting documents.

Here is the list of required documents per dependent:

  • Spouse - Marriage Certificate
  • Children/Siblings - Birth Certificate
  • Parents - Marriage Certificate
  • *if unmarried - Principal member's birth certificate

**If you enrolled a legal age dependent (18 years old and above) - Data Privacy Consent Forms with the signature of your legal age dependents.

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