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Avega reimbursement process 

Please be guided of Avega's updated reimbursement process:

  1. Secure AVEGA Reimbursement form from your HR representative or download it from your Benefits Made better ( account or the Avega website.
  2. Complete the required documents, including the accomplished reimbursement form.
  3. Submit the reimbursement form and required documents via your ActiveLink dedicated helpdesk not more than 30 days from the last day of the treatment. You may also scan the documents and email them to: [email protected]

Avega will process the claims within the standard turnaround time of 10 days upon receipt of the email. As a standard process, members are still required to submit the original (hard copy) official receipts for Avega to release the payment or check. Members must submit the original official receipts within 30 calendars days upon submission of the reimbursement claims via email.

Important required documents for filing reimbursement claims:


1. Original Official Receipt (with TIN)
2. Statement of Account from Hospital
3. Medical Certificate
4. Laboratory result (if with diagnostic procedure)


1. Original Official Receipt (with TIN)
2. Statement of Account from Hospital
3. Medical Certificate
4. Operative Report with Histopath Result (if with operation)
5. Police Report and Medico-Legal Report (if required)

The Avega Reimbursement Form can be downloaded from your account or Avega website. Kindly send the complete claim documents to your dedicated helpdesk to avoid late filing.

Please let us know if you have concerns. Rest assured that we will update you for any developments or changes from your healthcare provider.

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