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How does ActiveLink use your data?

The personal data or information collected through your registration for the BMB platform and ActiveLink mobile application, as well as your use of other related services, become part of the ActiveLink database. This allows you to make use of ActiveLink services such as, but not limited to, customer support through our helpdesk, dependents enrollment, account management through the BMB platform and ActiveLink mobile application, COVID-19 health declaration through mobile app, etc.


Collection of your dependents’ data will only commence once your legal-age dependent/s signify consent through the consent form provided by ActiveLink during Dependents’ Enrollment. Minor dependents can be covered through the consent of their principals. The collected information from wellness activities, programs or projects is strictly used for documentation. The collected information from the mobile application’s Health Declaration Form is for government and company compliance. This entails the creation of reports for the authorized personnel from your company responsible for improving your health and wellness. Your information is also used to measure the results of ActiveLink’s employee wellness programs or activities.


Collected data may be used to perform the activities and services provided by the ActiveLink mobile application, the BMB platform, and ActiveLink. The data may also be used for review, documentation, reporting and monitoring purposes to improve the service provided by the BMB website, ActiveLink mobile application, wellness programs and other services provided by ActiveLink.


To know more about how we process your data, please refer to our Privacy Policies.

Last reviewed: July 2023

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