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Please be guided of your HMO provider's procedures on the issuance of Letter of Authorization (LOA):

Outpatient consultation or laboratory procedure:

  1. It is advised that member should contact Maxicare for them to check the availability of the medical facility, as some hospitals have closed their Outpatient Departments (OPDs).
  2. Members may utilize Maxicare's Member Gateway to request for LOA. Maxicare will issue the LOA directly to the member.
  3. For laboratory tests, a copy of doctor's request with diagnosis/referral is required.


Outpatient availment:

  1. Members must call the clinic/hospital to secure an appointment for doctor consult or laboratory and other procedures.
  2. Proceed at the HMO office of the hospital/clinic on the day of your conformed appointment. Present your AVEGA card and 1 valid ID to the attending staff for membership eligibility validation.
  3. If approved, sign the Outpatient (OP) Letter of Eligibility. If declined, you will be assisted by the attending staff to escalate the concern to AVEGA Customer Service.

Inpatient or emergency availment:

Members may still avail emergency and inpatient benefits in any Avega-accredited hospital. The usual process will still apply; members must show their Avega identification card (ID) and the hospital will confirm the approval of the availment.

Members may secure LOA by calling Etiqa’s Medical Information Center. Members must provide the following details for the issuance of LOA:

  • Patient name
  • Company name
  • Patient mobile number
  • Name of facility (Clinic/Hospital)
  • Diagnosis
  • Copy of Referral from attending physician
  • Nature of availment (e.g., outpatient, emergency, inpatient, others)

For more information, you may contact the following:

(02) 7902-3400 or (02) 8789-4000
(02) 7902-3430, (02) 8789-4030
Maxicare (02) 8582-1900 or (02) 7798-7777
(02) 8895-3308
Dedicated helpdesk email or [email protected]

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